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Bridal Lingerie Buying Guide


It's your wedding. You have actually probably thought about it for several years, maybe given that you were a little lady. But, how much thought have you given to the Wedding Night? When the wedding dress comes off, your bridal underwear will tempt the groom (as if he really requires any tempting) and assist turn your special night into the romantic scene of your dreams.

Bridal lingerie has traditionally been white, ivory or cream colored. You can use pale colors, nevertheless never do this with a white dress as the underwear could show through. If you have selected a darker color gown, then darker bridal underwear is great.

When acquiring online make sure to buy early to make sure the lingerie will arrive in time for your special night. Also, underwear stocks and styles change frequently, so something you see one day might not be offered the next.

Lingerie sets are always a good choice. They match a top (like a camisole or bustier) with panties or a thong. Remember, when you purchase as a set you also usually conserve cash.

When purchasing your bridal lingerie, don't forget garter belts.


Bridal Lingerie Fit

Whatever bridal lingerie you pick, make certain to try it on with your bridal gown. Bridal underwear, specifically a bustier or bodice, may alter your shape and make your bridal gown look different.

Baby dolls are loose fitting and look excellent on everyone. Bustiers and bodices are more restrictive and will shape your figure into more of an hour glass figure.

Honeymoon Underwear

Keep in mind, on your honeymoon all bets are off. You may consider something a bit more risque.

Maybe a large or see-through baby doll or teddy. You ought to also stock up on sexy clothes for nights on the town.

Bridal Underwear Checklist

1. Underwear in white, cream, or ivory if you are wearing a white gown or select a color to match your gown

2. Purchase early so the underwear shows up well before the wedding day.

3. Have a look at lingerie sets in order to save cash

4. Make sure your bridal lingerie fits with your wedding dress

5. Do not forget the extras - like garter belts

6. For the honeymoon select whatever you desire - go a little insane